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Global data storage has increased at an exponential rate. By the year 2020, digital data is forecast to expand to in excess of 40,000 Exabyte’s, with enterprise being at the heart of this continued ‘Big Data’ storage surge.

Businesses invest a significant amount of time, money and effort into amassing and safeguarding large volumes of data that is critical to day-to-day operations and business continuity. For many businesses, data is equally as valuable as currency and the technology used to access and understand Big Data is as important as the amount of data acquired.

A proportionate Big Data solution for business.

The storage and ongoing management of Big Data is paramount to business success, but ultimately laborious and too complex for even the most efficient IT professionals to manage. The solution is a Big Data Storage utility that encompasses automation, scale, intelligent management capabilities and analytics.

To manage data on a considerable scale, Complex IT employs a proportionate Big Data solution that provides businesses with a platform to add and retract capacity as required with minimal fuss, mitigating administration and maintenance processes, meeting the challenges presented by the Big Data surge.

The three V’s that define our Big Data solution.


  • The amount and use of transmitted data that requires an increased database storage capacity
  • Refined and complex technology required to store increased volumes of data
  • Streamlining data relevance for the purpose of Analytics


  • A secure and efficient system to handle the traffic at the required speeds. Built to endure large data sets and faster methods of transmission
  • A system that works efficiently to your business requirements, regardless of how the data is used, how much is used and how often


  • Structuring Big Data so the system is beneficial for everyone. Catering for different requirements from the same data set
  • Access of information is parity to information storage

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