The Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Take a step towards GDPR Compliance and improve your Network Security by becoming Cyber Essentials Certified.

Together with our partners at IT Governance, Complex IT provides expert assistance to organisations that wish to achieve the new Cyber Essentials Certification.

Cyber Essentials allows organisations of all sizes to demonstrate they have applied the most important basic Cyber Security Controls to their clients and shareholders.  Implementing these basic Cyber Security controls can significantly reduce an organisations vulnerability to a cyber-attack and help your company take the first steps towards GDPR compliance.


The benefits of becoming a Cyber Essentials Certified Company.

  • Protect your business against 80% of Cyber-attacks – upscale your cyber security and mitigate the chances of an attack by implementing the five core controls outlined in the scheme
  • Demonstrate security and help secure the supply chain – demonstrate your commitment to delivering a higher level data protection for your clients and shareholders
  • Increase your chances of securing business – enhance your reputation and improve your chances of winning new business
  • Drive business efficiency – by reducing the number of network security compromises that affect productivity
  • Work with the UK government and MoD – become Cyber Essentials certified and increase your number of opportunities to win MoD government contracts
  • Potentially reduce cyber insurance premiums – insurance companies look more favourably on companies that are Cyber Essentials Certified


There are two different Cyber Essentials certifications.

Cyber Essentials Scheme

Why become Cyber Essentials Certified with Complex IT?

  • You don’t require any Cyber Security knowledge. Because of our partnership with IT Governance, we can help you through the entire certification process online through a dedicated Cyber Essentials portal
  • We offer six different Cyber Essentials packages to help you become Cyber Essentials Certified at a pace and budget that suits you
  • We’ll provide all of the resources required for your business to achieve both levels of Cyber Security Certification
  • If you have minimal Cyber Security knowledge then we can provide all of the technical tests and assessments
  • We’re an ISO27001 accredited company that’s partnered with an organisation that’s been at the forefront of ISO implementation since its inception. With this combined knowledge and insight, we’ll help you take the next steps towards GDPR compliance


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