Disaster Recovery.

Ensuring Business Continuity through the implementation of Disaster Recovery as a Service.

It has been statistically proven that 3 out of 4 businesses fail to prepare accordingly for a Disaster Recovery event. Many IT professionals will concede that the absence of key metrics, coupled with the lack of routine testing and a sound DR contingency plan will result in a failed DR scenario, prolonging downtime, loss of revenue and reputational damage.

Disaster Recovery service implementation.

From business impact analysis (BIA) to the development of impact scenarios, Complex IT assists businesses with the implementation of resilient Disaster Recovery solutions by introducing a focus on process, planning, people, policies and intelligent technologies.

Ensure the retention of business critical information and maintain a high availability of service when the DR process is invoked in the event of an outage.  Establish tolerable downtime through key metrics, including, Recovery time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery point Objectives (RPO).

Service elements:

Private cloud Disaster Recovery.

For organisations that wish to adopt a private DR environment to replicate their existing server architecture, incorporating software defined storage.

  • Self-contained, PCI-capable hybrid architecture, incorporating cloud, virtualised and dedicated architecture
  • Virtual SAN technologies allow for the clustering of server disks, establishing a shared data store for virtual environments
  • Flexible replication technologies are managed at virtual machine level, enabling management of data between composite storage systems
  • A simplified DR process is realised through recovery manager, applying the automated testing of Disaster Recovery plans
  • The client has access to recovered environment for testing purposes

Disaster Recovery as a service.

Introducing a third party solution to organisations that wish to circumvent the augmented infrastructure costs associated with conventional and private cloud solutions.

  • IT server architecture is recreated, hosted and replicated at our Tier 3 & Tier 4 data centres
  • 100% uptime achieved through military-grade redundancy
  • Accelerated recovery times are realised through intelligent automated processes
  • Human error is eliminated through automated backup and recovery processes, including automated failover to a secondary site
  • Non-disruptive automated failover testing

5 reasons to purchase a Disaster Recovery solution.

  1. Comply with regulatory guidelines
  2. Downtime is mitigated & business continuity is maintained
  3. DR/BC processes are aligned to business challenges & annual IT expenditure
  4. Achieve high availability of service in a DR scenario
  5. Realise a simplified DR process through virtualisation of IT resources

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