Professional IT Project Rescue Services.

Our trusted and highly experienced project management team will get your failing IT project back on schedule.

Best practice project management principles do not come with any guarantees. Unforeseen complications lead to technical obstacles that can prove to be laborious and incredibly challenging to identify and decipher.

Without the appropriate skillset required to address these obstacles, a complex IT project can rapidly lose traction.  Service level agreements will lapse and the morale of IT personnel can quickly deteriorate.

There is no positive outcome from a floundered IT project. If not addressed promptly, the medium and long-term consequences of a failed project can often have a catastrophic effect on business continuity.

How we will rescue your failing IT project.

Complex IT has the leadership and profound technical experience required to identify and eliminate the obstacles that threaten the success of your IT project.

Twenty years of intensive IT project implementation experience has placed Complex IT at the forefront of complex problem solving situations, granting us the capacity to quickly identify key failure factors and implement rapid solutions.

“They replaced our ailing 2003 email server with a state-of-the-art Windows 2013 Exchange server solution. The entire migration process was completed efficiently without any complications and I was very impressed with the project management process from start to finish. I am more than happy to recommend them.” Carlos Celorico, Monix.

Examples of common IT Project Rescue scenarios.

  • Corrupt Active Directory
  • Failed server migration
  • Failed Exchange migration
  • Failed virtualised server consolidation

Three steps to a successful IT Project Recovery.

1. Project assessment.

Project audit and impact assessment – taking the necessary steps required to identify technical and non-technical cause of failure.

Project plan – defining requirements and realistic expectations to move your project forward through a decisive plan of action.

2. Project recovery to completion.

Returning your project to its original trajectory through either a dedicated project management team, or providing guidance to your existing IT personnel through the role of Technical Project Manager.

3. Communication.

Unifying communication between all internal and external parties, ensuring that everyone associated with the project is kept informed of ongoing progress.

Why choose us to rescue your failing IT project?

  • We have a dedicated team of Microsoft, Apple and Prince2 qualified Project Managers.
  • We’ve over two decades experience, we can be trusted to help you circumvent the financial and logistical obstacles that are often associated with Complex IT projects
  • We have a large number of resources, expertise and knowledge at our disposal. Our directly employed IT projects team is support by our IT Consultants, Field Support Technicians and Technical Account Managers.
  • We’re a highly technical organisation with accreditation’s that set us apart. We’re one of only six UK-based organisations that currently hold both the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications.

IT Project Rescue Services

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