Leased/Fibre Lines for business.

High speed leased line communication solutions for businesses with bandwidth-hungry requirements.

The demand for uncontested bandwidth has been accelerated through the continuous evolution of cloud-based technologies and high availability data strategies. Traditional ADSL connectivity is no longer a viable option for businesses who depend upon technology to deliver on their business commitments.

London’s cheapest, most reliable fibre internet leased line.

Driven through established commercial relationships with the UK’s leading business communications partners, Complex IT continues to assist organisations, helping them to realise the advantages of implementing a fibre internet leased line through a selection of services that best meet their business requirements.

Service elements:

  • Mission critical MPLS and VPN connectivity directly into your building
  • Direct connection to a core network
  • Guaranteed connectivity speeds & uncontended bandwidth
  • Scalable bandwidth (10Mbit to Gigabit).
  • Symmetrical connectivity – matching upload and download speeds
  • Gigabit connectivity for media intensive industry sectors
  • Private networks for site-to-site ethernet WAN connectivity

Through cost effective bandwidth scaling, businesses can apply a high speed 100Mbps to 1 Gbps bearer, aligning the data rate to your business requirements in actual-time without the need for an infrastructure refresh.

Connectivity options.

Ethernet private networks.

Ethernet private networks represent a substitute for MPLS and VPLS, allowing the connection of multiple business sites via ethernet fibre at speeds of 100 and 1000Mbit/sec. Point to point or point to multiple point ethernet private networks can be tailored to your business requirements.

Ethernet first mile (EFM).

A natural advancement from SDSL, EFM is a cost-effective leased line option for businesses with budgetary restrictions, commanding up to 20MBPs delivered from the local exchange. EFM is the most competitive priced leased line available.

What are the Commercial benefits?

  • Apply a consistent DR/BC strategy through uncontested bandwidth, ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Optimal bandwidth for cloud services, large file transfers, VoIP and VPN connectivity
  • 24×7 monitoring & customer support – mitigating downtime and downtime impact
  • Additional resilience is optional through a failover redundancy line

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