Mobile Device Management.

Helping businesses to address complex mobile challenges through Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

The use of mobile devices within the workplace continues to grow at an exponential rate. An ever-expanding selection of operating systems, coupled with a diverse range of mobile technologies presents a new challenge for IT personnel who face the responsibility of managing these devices efficaciously across a wide area network.

A lot of uncertainty surrounds the use of mobile technology within the workplace, with a threat to data security proving to be the common denominator.

These challenges can be addressed by the introduction of a comprehensive technology management solution – enabling centralised enrolment, deployment and administration of mobile device technology.

Our Mobile Device Management Solution.

A centralised management console.

24/7 Mobile device management is administrated through a web-based centralised management console.  All devices, regardless of type or operating system can be maintained at user, group or device level.  Directory services integration allows for the duplication of existing account structures.  The centralised management console incorporates a real-time dashboard, allowing administrators a quick yet detailed view of device data at organisation level.

service_deployment2Device Management.

Terms of use – predefined customisable agreement templates, incorporating terms and conditions, promoting for acceptance. Support for multiple languages is included.

Enrolment (deployment) – a transparent agent based enrolment process that is compatible with all leading mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Authentication will apply the appropriate apps, content and restrictions implemented by the administrator.

Profiles – define user permissions, policies and security restrictions at organisation, user or user group level. Auto profile deployment can be implemented upon enrolment, or manually by the administrator.

Messaging and commands – dispatch commands and send messages on the fly through the web-based management console.  Commands include:

  • Send message
  • Find device
  • Lock device
  • Set roaming
  • Remote view
  • Sync device
  • Clear passcode
  • Device wipe

Event logging and reporting – detailed system monitoring and event recording. Extensive reporting capabilities, providing detailed statistics through a broad range of report templates.

service_emailint2Email Management.

Email platform integration – compatible with all versions of Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps and Lotus Notes.

Email proxy – An additional layer of security between the email platform and mobile devices is realised through a standard proxy model which can be deployed through a secure gateway. By implementing a proxy through the management dashboard, administrators can implement the following access control policies:

  • Compulsory device encryption
  • Compromised device blocking
  • Certificate deployment and denial
  • Unmanaged device discovery
  • Attachment governance

Implement enterprise-level email security – the provision of organisational email accounts to a dedicated inbox for the purpose of enforcing account control policies.  Username and password authentication. AES 256 bit encryption at source and in transit.  Account monitoring and configuration is also achieved through the centralised management console.

Prevent data loss – realised through intelligent copy and paste inhibiting, forwarding prevention, attachment and hyperlink containment, account access restriction including calendars and contacts.

service_securitymgmtSecurity Management.

User account and device security – maintaining regulatory compliance through stringent end-to-end security policies for all mobile devices, whether they be business retained or BYOD.

  • Enrolment restrictions by device or platform
  • Pre enrolment multi-factor authentication
  • Feature restrictions
  • Lock and wipe

Network restrictions

  • Unknown device prohibition through stringent network access control
  • VPN and Wi-Fi access based upon automated compliance

Advanced application and content security – enforcing strict application policies through application backlists and whitelists. Application restrictions can be implemented in the event of a device compromise.

  • 256-bit SSL content encryption
  • Printing restrictions
  • Scheduled access
  • geographical access restrictions

service_byodBYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

A comprehensive program, empowering businesses with a secure, productive BYOD solution that is constructed to their organisational needs.  As a Hybrid model, eligibility is extended to all recognised mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry.

Security and compliance is preserved through enterprise-grade security that is applicable to authentication, application and compliance.

Transparent resource access – applied through an agent-based enrolment process. Authentication prompts the configuration of profiles, applications, content and restricted site access at user level.

Privacy policies – segregation of business and personal data is achieved through the implementation of custom policies.  Inhibit data collection of business resources and retain confidentiality of personal data.  Protect BYOD from wipe, lock and remote control.

Resource management – mitigate security vulnerabilities when a user leaves your company, or no longer requires access to business content. Applications, email and other content is removed upon departure without risk to personal data.

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