Offsite Data Replication.

Resilient offsite data replication solutions for organisations that wish to safeguard their business critical data.

High availability of business critical data is identified as one of the most important components to maintaining business continuity. An isolated backup solution is no longer considered as adequate protection for your business data.

In order to realise a truly consistent data source, implementing a hybrid onsite/cloud-based backup solution should take precedence when allocating IT expenditure for the year ahead.

Commercial advantages of applying Offsite Data Replication.

  • Realise DR protection for your backup data
  • Bypass protracted DR equipment procurement
  • Mitigate maintenance costs
  • Restore business critical operations within 24 hours
  • Fully scalable to the needs of business operations

Safeguard your data with clever cloud technology.

  • Secure data replication of your backups
  • Unrestricted storage capacity options
  • Maintain a predictable DR solution
  • Bandwidth, licencing, hardware & infrastructure costs are incorporated

Why Offsite Data Replication?

Building and maintaining a conventional Disaster Recovery solution is no longer a practical, nor financially viable solution for many business, but the challenges of implementing a traditional DR solution can be circumvented through the implementation of an offsite data replication.

Mitigate configuration, maintenance & management; eliminate the need for server hardware, networking equipment, licences and facility costs and attain regulatory compliance.

  • Full redundancy of backup data – backed up in two separate locations – allowing swift access to backup in event of a disaster
  • Replication – all backup data stored locally is mirrored to an offsite backup – maintaining a full backup history, ensuring redundant data retention

Service elements.

Bandwidth optimised replication.

Efficient data replication is realised through rapid data transfer technologies, minimising bandwidth requirements. The replication window is minimised through adaptive compression and block level processing.

Data reduction and compression.

Through incremental backups, only new and changed data is replicated. Compression and deduplication reduces the data load sent over the network, minimising bandwidth and storage requirements.


Predefined bandwidth and resource management. Minimise the impact on business operations through automatic or scheduled replication.


Regulatory compliance is achieved through end-to-end military grade AES encryption, ensuring the secure transfer of data to our UK based independent Tier 3 and Tier 4 cloud hosting infrastructure.

A trusted accredited cloud services expert.


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