Network Penetration Testing.

Helping businesses to achieve optimal network security through a scheduled network penetration testing process.

The continued adoption of new IT technologies, coupled with an expansion of progressive automated hacking methods has presented IT Directors with the challenge of ensuring data protection by applying consistently high levels of network security.

Through intensive network penetration testing (ethical hacking), our network security experts will apply industry knowledge, tools and principles, introducing best of breed tools to successfully achieve a definitive attacker-simulated goal. Clients who have already implemented an optimised network security framework typically request a network penetration testing service.

A non-disruptive testing process.

Our ethical hacking methodology is comprehensive and designed to be stringent. Through planning, scope and reconisanase, we will implement a combination of manual and automated tasks, executing a series of proactive authorised attempts to exploit target systems and gain illegitimate access to your IT framework.

Through circumventing security controls and processes, we will identify unsecure pathways to business critical systems and other electronic assets through implacable pivoting, determining outcomes of compromise by heightening privileges on identified points of breach.  In addition, client-side penetration testing will be conducted remotely for simulating an external attack.

Service elements:

  • Application testing
  • Wireless testing
  • VPN testing
  • VoIP and VLAN testing
  • Firewall configuration and rule set reviews
  • Password attacks
  • OS database and webserver configuration
  • Multiple infrastructure layer testing
  • Portable device testing

A detailed post exploitation report will be produced that is based upon the results of a comprehensive internal and client-side penetration process.

Scheduled penetration testing is advised to comply with regulatory standards, ensuring that network security remains optimal and security management is consistent.

We’re trusted experienced Network security experts.


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