Private & Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Strategic guidance and deployment services for businesses who wish to build and maintain a bespoke cloud infrastructure.

An increase in the demand for secure, homogeneous cloud services that maintain business continuance through high availability has seen the emergence of private & hybrid cloud computing.

A private or hybrid cloud model is the logical step for organisations who require enhanced security & availability, improved performance of service and the regulatory benefits provided by an internal cloud solution.

Our Private & Hybrid Cloud services.

Through sound technology intelligence, Complex IT offers ongoing consultancy and deployment solutions to businesses who wish to apply a private or hybrid cloud solution.

We provide an additional skillset to IT professionals, helping them to realise the maximum capabilities of a cloud model that is only accessible by a single organisation, whether it is hosted externally, integrated into your internal infrastructure, or a as hybrid cloud model.

Service elements:

  • Access to a broad range of public and/or private cloud resources
  • Enhanced infrastructure and applications as a service
  • A flexible, fully scalable solution that adjusts to your business requirements
  • Share resources between a high number of users
  • Integrated security
  • Apply a ‘cost-per-user’ cloud model

Commercial benefits of applying a Private/Hybrid cloud model.

  • Conform to regulatory compliance
  • Mitigated service and operational costs
  • Generate flexibility of service
  • Elevated performance of service
  • High availability of service
  • Enhanced security

Private/hybrid cloud service models.

Infrastructure as a service (Iaas).

The consolidation of hardware resources to a virtualised environment, for the purpose of creating and maintaining fully scalable IT infrastructure solutions.

Software as a service (SaaS).

Typically a public cloud service, SaaS can also be implemented in a private cloud model for accessing software applications over the internet.

Platform as a service (PaaS).

Utilising the power of a private cloud model for the development of applications and services.

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