Vulnerability Assessment.

Helping businesses to identify, quantify and prioritise network vulnerabilities through automated ‘best of breed’ processes.

Technology continues to play a pivotal role in business continuity and communication. A shared resource like the internet will always leave businesses susceptible to an increasing number of vulnerabilities that have the potential to cause an unmitigated amount of disruption in the event of a security breach, culminating in financial loss, penalties for non-compliance and irreversible damage to customer and public relations.

Whereas Penetration testing is more focused upon attacker-simulated goals that target optimised network security frameworks, vulnerability assessments are directed at business who recognise the security failings of their IT infrastructure – offering a solution to identify and prioritise network security vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment Services for Business.

From an initial understanding of test objectives and business requirements, our network security consultants will implement a series of diligent tests required to identify and classify any known infrastructure and application vulnerabilities that are present within your IT systems – producing the intelligence required to optimise your network security framework.

Vulnerability assessment is delivered through best-of-breed automated applications, web-based gateways and proprietary script-based tests, which are applied across a broad spectrum of platforms and technologies.

Vulnerability Assessment itinerary:

  • Default configuration perimeters
  • Password weaknesses
  • OS, application and database exposures
  • Network patching vulnerabilities

Detailed reporting.

All clients are provided with a bespoke management and technical vulnerability assessment report. False positives are mitigated and vulnerabilities are identified without attempted exploitation.

Appraisal of vulnerability assessment data.

To identify flaws and business critical exposures for the purpose of implementing an enhanced internal network security policy.

Actionable recommendations.

Prioritise vulnerability intelligence for the purpose of creating specific countermeasures.

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