WAN Acceleration & Optimisation.

Helping businesses to realise accelerated network performance through strategic guidance and technology deployment.

IT Managers face an increasing number of variables that significantly debilitate the performance of public and private wide-area networks, impacting on productivity and business continuance. The widespread adoption of cloud technology, coupled with an increase of video usage and IT consumerism has made a considerable impact on WAN performance.

Redundancy failure is also cause for concern, with ISP carriers being equably as culpable for productivity loss as a consequence of disconnection.

The strategic importance of data and data intelligence has driven the need for advanced network intelligence. Growing revenues in 2015 will see an increase in network management spend, with WAN acceleration and optimisation being at the forefront of this upward trajectory.

Identifying network inefficiencies.

From consultancy to deployment, we will align our skillset to your existing IT personnel, identifying key network inefficiencies and assisting with the implementation of WAN optimisation solutions, achieving WAN performance augmentation.

Service elements:

  • Data transit reduction is forecast between 30-60%
  • Potential 40-60% bandwidth increase leveraged from your existing connection
  • Up to 50% transfer speed increase is achieved through intelligent traffic resource management
  • Traffic flow is controlled through optimisation rules and policies
  • Increased VPN and SSL application performance

The commercial advantages of applying WAN optimisation.

  • Increased productivity is realised through a WAN optimisation solution
  • Accelerated network performance for subsidiary offices and distance workers
  • Infrastructure upgrade costs are mitigated by optimising your existing resource
  • Analyse user behavior through targeted reports

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